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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Several years...and a change of heart

It's been several years since I shut down the Green Arrow Guide To Revolutionary Heroism. A lot has changed for me personally. I'm happy to report all for the better. A lot has changed for Oliver Queen's character. I'm looking forward to catching up with him. "Arrow" is still on the air and has since spawned a more successful spin-off "The Flash."

My family loves The Flash, still haven't warmed up to Steve Amell's interpretation of Oliver Queen. I agree with those who have appraised it as a Batman show....without Batman. I might make the time to catch up with "Arrow," Slowly. Episode by episode. It won't help that Marvel's Daredevil has all but written the book on the dark, edgy, street-wise crime-fighter. I don't think Arrow will match, but I'll take another look.

Green Arrow is getting unprecedented love in action figures and other merchandise. Most notably Mezco's upcoming offering.

I also have thoughts about the more political side of this blog.

Time to re-open the guide.

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