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Monday, December 17, 2012

Shutting Down the Green Arrow Guide

The idea was that I would actually look at the issues of my day through the lens of the comic book character Green Arrow. In a brief 11-12 issues a ridiculous Batman knock-off was given new life and new purpose; comic book's first social crusader. The series didn't last long and neither do the more current iterations of Oliver Queen. Here is a DC hero plagued by inconsistent writing and bad story ideas.

For a good while there I did attempt to tackle matters of conscience, faith, politics and comic books. Not anymore. My politics are gently shifting to match my faith and those beliefs have little to do with what Green Arrow once represented. I say "once" because anymore Green Arrow is only about shooting arrows at people and things and little else. Guys like me buy his comics because the characters remind us of a great run that happened 30-40 years ago.

Green Arrow is not relevant.

Comic book writers rarely are given the freedom to explore political thought in their comics. The liberal bias in the field is readily apparent though, given the embarrassing Obama covers. And that's fine, it's just shallow. Yeah, Adams and O'Neil used images of MLK and Robert Kennedy but that was in context of their murders.The point is the Green Lantern/Green Arrows capture a moment in time for American culture and comics; one that I do not see reoccurring.

Nostalgia should be a gently used spice of life. Carrying the Green Arrow flag is nothing short of a full body plunge into the deep waters of nostalgia. These characters are ever changing to keep up with the market, make sales and then happen to act as cultural sign posts when reflected upon some time later. Where ever Green Arrow goes from here is uncertain but it will be without me. I've hung up the bow and quiver (literally and metaphorically) and am moving on.

Perhaps I no longer need comic book heroes to define that heroic, inner part of me I desperately hope is real and needs only an avatar to be realized. Perhaps my political views are less aggressive and more "other" focused; as informed by my Church. Perhaps I no longer require the little, plastic totems of my youth.

Regardless, I've spent too long on nostalgia and too long on this very post that I know somewhere deep down, NOBODY will ever read. The Green Arrow Guide to Revolutionary Heroism is closed.

It also didn't help that the new "Arrow" show sucks.  


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