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Monday, November 26, 2012

Green Arrow #14 Preview

Green Arrow is set to get another reboot (writing/art speaking) this February.  As is often the case, it looks like a good change 3 months out.  I bought only a few issues of the post New 52 Green Arrow.  The artwork was visually interesting but often difficult to follow, and artwork that draws you OUT of the story is never good in comics.

I recall my jumping off point was when Green Arrow was fighting some kind of mutant/cyborg polar bears.  If that's not a "Jump the Shark" "Nuke the Fridge" moment, what is?  The new writer has said he wants Oliver back in Seattle, at least I'm pretty sure that's what he has said.  And with the hood taking place of the feathered cap (seemingly for good) we've come full circle back to the Mike Grell days.

So the globe trotting, magic tech wielding Ollie is going back to a man and his non-trick arrows.  It's funny because I had wondered why DC wanted to make Queen a Jack Bauer clone sans the gun.  The tact of bringing the character up to worldwide status to make him seem level with his superhero piers never seems correct to me.  Stripped down just feels right for an archer character.

Marvel has tried this with Hawkeye with far better success, although issue #4 of the series features some horrendous art by a fill-in artist that would make me never want to pick up the book again if he were the go-to guy 24/7.  This story is about the costume-less Hawkeye in only t-shirt and purple Converse (nice touch!). It is very character driven and a nice change of pace from big explosions/big fights.

The preview art for Green Arrow #14 shows Oliver in full regalia so it doesn't appear to take the same stripped approach, but perhaps we can actually get to know this newer/younger Oliver Queen instead of just seeing what he can do!   

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