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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Green Arrow Merch NY Con Pics

All we have are assorted pics from the convention going on in New York.  Green Arrow is being represented sparsely but impressively.

From the "Arrow" CW show is this fantastic looking statue with replaceable, non-hooded head.  And while neither sculpt look anything like Stephen Amell, I really don't care; I see Green Arrow and that's all I care about.  However, if they don't include the painted mask on the final version I would definitely add that. 

DC Direct is offering another attempt at a Green Arrow with seemingly the same results.  You can see the sadly outdated v-crotch design offering only back and forth movement and a basic swivel elbow that won't even come close to allowing a firing position with the bow.  It does resemble the current New 52 version of Green Arrow but what you see in the pics is probably all you get in poses.  Yet another plastic statue figure from the goofballs at DC Direct (or whatever they call themselves these days).

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