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Friday, October 12, 2012

A Leftist in Catholic Clothing

If you ascent to the doctrine that life begins at Point A, then it would follow that all positions following would find their moral center in that decision.  Your moral north is Point A.  Then to say that, while you've resolved your intellect to accept Point A, you will not allow that to frame your decisions bellies a deception or possibly a delusion.

Americans elect by the content of character.  It's not that we control the actions of the elected, but based on who they've proven themselves to be, we know the general tact the elected person will take in office.  like throwing a loaded gun into a tornado.   To govern against your most heart-felt, defining and core principles is not to govern at all, but to graft; and to support that person is like throwing a loaded gun into a tornado.

You're either Catholic or you're not.  Joe Biden said he would not let his Catholic faith inform his politcal decisions.  But how can one be Catholic and work against the Catholic faith?  

They can't.

And if one's core beliefs will not guide their decisions, then what will?  Isn't that seat left open to any other, lesser influence? 

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