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Friday, February 10, 2012

A Green Arrow continuing story with no story

I'm not reading the new Green Arrow comic...well, not any more. I was glad to see the character get (yet another) fresh start, but a few issues in and I had lost interest. It read as though the idea was initially to put Green Arrow in some cool situations where he can use his bow and some hi-tech gadgets that will be used to fill-in his capabilities that using a primitive weapon in a modern setting denies him.

That's all well and good but it's also thin. The story reads secondary to the scenario. More time was spent coming up with new techie gadgets that border on the magical than was used determining an effective reason why. I got that the first issues were about reality show minded street toughs with powers trying to make a name for themselves, I just didn't care. Their powers were their identities and win or lose the reader had no skin in the game; you knew Green Arrow was going to make it.

And when he succeeds Green Arrow is left exactly as he started, where's the investment there? I'm sure the vast majority of comic titles follow this same motif but I don't read those either. The monthly pace of these books forces expediency to be the goal and leaves plot and character in the back seat, if they're even in the car at all.

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