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Friday, September 30, 2011

New 52 first week wrap-up

A lot of praise for DC's Aquaman #1 this week,the final week of first issues for the New 52. Perhaps it's due partly because Aquaman has been the fishy butt of the joke for so many for so long. People weren't expecting a well drawn and written Aquaman story? Too bad the same fuss isn't being made over the Green Arrow reboot (relaunch?). The sudden change of venue, costume design, and younger age was seemingly met with little fanfare. It feels as though Oliver hasn't had strong, positive buzz for quite a while; maybe as far back as Kevin Smith's uneven relaunch?
In a tweet from Green Arrow's co-writer/artist Dan Jurgen he "suggested" that an origin revamp might still be forthcoming. It will be interesting to
see what lies ahead in the upcoming issues!

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