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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whisker Biscuit

I wish someone would explain this chart to me. I've been wanting a whisker biscuit for years now and I just haven't gotten around to it.

Need to hit a Cabela's!

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  1. As a good GA fan and archer, I can give you a decent explanation of the chart:

    As you can see, Whisker Biscuits come in four different sizes: Small through Fishing. The Arrow Sizes listed there on that chart have mainly to do with the kind of arrows you prefer to use when you shoot. The diameter of the hole in the center of the whisker biscuit will hold certain kinds and sizes of arrow better than others - so if you use arrows with small diameters (especially carbon arrows, which are usually a narrower body of arrow), you'll want a smaller biscuit. The #XX ALUMINUM are specific sizes of aluminum arrows, so if you know what kind of aluminum arrow you use, whether it's really thick and bulky or thinner and more aerodynamic, you'll be able to determine what kind of biscuit you need. When you knock your arrow into the biscuit, you'll want to see how snugly or loosely it fits into the hole in the center. If there's a gap like the one in the picture, you'll want a smaller biscuit or your arrow will lose some control on your loose. If the arrow completely fills the biscuit, however, the hairs will create too much friction and grip on the arrow, which will again give you problems on your loose.

    I think that should pretty well cover that chart. Definitely hit Cabella's, though - they're usually pretty good at letting you try stuff out and get a feel for stuff. I have a 75lb compound bow with a biscuit on it and I've really liked shooting with the biscuit. I don't tear the crap out of my fletchings anymore and it holds the arrow really steady for a solid loose. Good luck!


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