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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Green Arrow #2


A BRIGHTEST DAY occurs in Star City after the White Ring gives birth to a massive forest downtown at ground zero of Prometheus' CRY FOR JUSTICE attack. Inside, Green Arrow has taken up residence, determined to end the rampant corruption surrounding the forest. First, he'll have to face off against the forces of his former company Queen Industries - including their new owner who has a secret connection to the Emerald Archer's past.

Just as the twelve resurrected individuals from BLACKEST NIGHT have a part to play in BRIGHTEST DAY, so does the forest. Green Lantern Hal Jordan guest-stars and don't miss an ending you'll never see coming!

Issue two will be released 28 July. The crossover material is being pushed heavily, but I have no plans to read any of the Brightest Day/Blackest Night comics. You can glean enough of the basic story structure by reading synopsis online or just skimming the message boards. To abridge further, just know that different colored Lantern rings are out there causing havoc in the DCU. Looking forward to the Oliver/Hal exchanges here; with the forest nullifying the Green Lantern ring it would be interesting to see how Hal copes with relying on Ollie to get them out of a jam.

I don't need a quick explanation regarding the forest of its mystical affect; let that ride for a year or so and make us wait for something good. But at the same time no issues where nothing happens either. Is that too much to ask? :)

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