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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DC Direct and the Hooded Green Arrow

DC Direct has released an image of an upcoming action figure series based on the Green Lantern comic story Brightest Day. In it we see Oliver Queen wearing the hooded Green Arrow costume that pieces together parts of his Neal Adams designed outfit with that of his counterpart's Smallville suit (i.e. the gloves and belt buckle). The gloves really get on my nerves because for an archer to NOT protect his fingers makes no sense, hear that Marvel! But the biggest problem is this figure clearly cannot hold the bow in a firing stance. I suppose it is professional courtesy to not rip off a competitor's sculpt, but considering Mattel already fixed that issue with their DC Universe Classics Green Arrow, couldn't DC Direct at least move in that direction as opposed to sticking with this gingerbread man stance they seem to favor?

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