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Friday, March 19, 2010

Arrows to Hornets

A lot of people online are giving the new Green Hornet movie, currently in production, too much grief. While the casting of Seth Rogen as the title character, and going for a tongue-in-cheek action movie approach put me off initially, I've since come to appreciate the direction. In a startling case of me agreeing with Kevin Smith, who will be writing Green Hornet for Dynamite Comics this year, I have to echo his assertion that there is little reason to see a Green Hornet when we already have a Dark Knight.

And against a cacophony of internet cries that Green Hornet could be great if it was "just done right," whatever that means, the truth is a major motion picture company can't play to a comic character's base when it barely has one. I have long been a Green Hornet fan and have owned action figures, Black Beauty toys, and even dressed as Ol' Brit Reid for Halloween (I still recall being mistaken for Inspector Gadget!). But GH fans are few and far between and in a market where even proven box office draws like Matt Damon and Robert Pattinson (aka The Sparkle Vampire) can't put butts in the seats, it makes good sense to appeal to the widest audience.

Rogen has name recognition and dedication to the part having lost probably 40 lbs for the part; and any "serious" attempt at Green Hornet would have been blasted as "the Dark Lite." Ultimately, the idea of grown people putting on costumes to punch criminals is silly, why not a movie that plays up to that reality?

Even though it appears the movie Kick-Ass will beat Green Hornet to the punch!

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