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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toy Fair 2010

I thought to share some images from Toy Fair 2010. Since I'm not on the ground I can only use those pics from other sites (thanks to Toy News International and Action Figure Insider). Nothing new on the Green Arrow front that hasn't been covered previously here, but I do like what I'm seeing from Mezco's Wolfman line, especially the 9" Stylized Wolfman.

DC Direct has a great looking Golden Age Green Lantern coming out later in the year that I think will look fantastic next to my Deluxe Green Arrow. I know I'm mixing Golden and Silver Age Lanterns here but I'm one of those comic book types that likes Alan Scott's somewhat outlandish costume style regardless of its impracticality.

DC Direct also has the "so called" Museum Quality Statue of the Joker. This thing will be in the $250-300 price range...but it looks good; especially the base.

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