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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ray Nagin is out....FINALLY!

Forget the Saints.

Whether they win or lose is moot.

New Orleans has reason to celebrate today.

Ray Nagin will no longer be mayor.

I lived in the Gulf Coast when Hurricane Katrina hit Mississippi, it never hit Louisiana. I remember seeing Ray Nagin on television practically (if not literally) daily, screaming for the federal government's help. I don't recall seeing any elected official from Mississippi doing likewise. They were too busy taking care of their own.

In 2006 Nagin should have been ousted. He narrowly defeated Louisiana Lieutenant Governor Mitch Landrieu, I was stunned. It seemed so obvious, even to one who had not spent their lives at the coast, that Nagin was ineffectual, divisive, and down right sleazy (see his "Chocolate City" remark).

But now Mitch Landrieu has finally won, seems the law prevented New Orleanians from keeping Nagin in office, he reached his term limit. So now maybe, just maybe, New Orleans will see a new day.


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