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Friday, February 19, 2010

Nuking the Fridge!

When KOCS was released there were Indiana Jones hats for sale everywhere. I tried so hard to convince my wife that a guy wearing a fedora can still be sexy! But, to no avail.

I cluster the 4 Indiana Jones movies in 2 groups of 2; ROLA and TLC are the historical artifact flicks, TOD and KOCS are the mystical/magical relic movies. I don't mind the aliens, especially considering the 50's era overflowed with sci-fi flicks and Area 51 paranoia. I think TOD was possibly the best Indy movie and that thing is about magic freakin' rocks!

I like Indiana Jones aging and changing (being somewhat professorial in older age) and really liked the revelation Jones was active in the O.S.S. during WW2; if only THAT movie could have been made!!

Marion Ravenwood served no purpose save to introduce Mutt (a dog's name, like Indiana!) and to close the character arc of Jones' relationships. The Tarzan monkey swing was goofy as was the way they explained Mutt's fencing ability; and the villains were forgettable. As others have pointed out once a character survives being at ground zero of a nuclear explosion by hiding in an ice box it's difficult to worry" about them the rest of the movie; as if you worried about Indiana Jones surviving in the first place.

But to consider KOCS through the lens of 40's-50's matinee" movies, the inspiration for the whole franchise, you must allow these epic leaps of faith and suspensions of disbelief. Is "nuking the fridge" the greatest strain on the audience from all four films? Yes. But if reality were the goal then Henry, Jr. wouldn't even have survived the first movie!

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