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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Whatever happened to DC's Black Canary & Green Arrow?

The majority of blog sites that are dedicated to comic book heroes frequently review either current titles, or if none are being published, comics from the past. It would seem obvious that a fan of whatever character would devour as much material devoted to that character as possible.

So why no Black Canary/Green Arrow reviews here?

I just can't bring myself to buy mediocre work, on purpose that is. I've written about this previously but from time to time I like to re-address this because I do find it a glaring omission to a board devoted to the spirit of the Green Arrow character, as redefined by Dennis O'Neil. I have discussed what I feel is the best Green Arrow comic story, The Archer's Quest. And unlike Superman with All-Star Superman I feel the DEFINITIVE Green Arrow story has yet to be written. As good as Archer's Quest is I do feel, currently, that a better tale might still lay ahead.

I suppose I can go back and give my thoughts on the Green Arrow comics I do own. It is difficult to find time to write about topics like this when I struggle juggling; wife, family, work, home and breathing....whew! I sometimes think these other superhero bloggers must be single to have so much time to devote to a hobby, but I digress.

I check on current reviews on the current Green Arrow title, it's not looking good. One reviewer went so far as to stop reviewing the title, not being able to justify the cost. Wow. That's pretty bad. Even the most jaded of comic book buyers are still comic book buyers. You often read how others are willing to stick with a title until it gets good. Not the case here.

The Green Arrow Guide will probably never be up to the standards of the Aquaman Shrine, and will certainly never match sites like the Superman Homepage, I'll still try to carve a small niche in the internet for a blog which defines itself by liberty, love for the republic, social justice, and faith as embodied by the character of Green Arrow.

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