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Thursday, December 3, 2009

This Christmas, bring home Ollie with da' Funk!

This was mentioned here previously but if you were wandering the internet and found this blog, and happen to be a Green Arrow fan who suffers from H.S.A. you might like to know Junk Food shirts has produced not one, not two, but FOUR new Green Arrow t-shirts! The only site I've found that carries them all (other than Ebay) is, a link is found below. Even better Christmas news is you get free shipping on all domestic orders above $25, and since the shirts run about $18 that's not a difficult goal to reach.

Happy Hunting!

Pop Funk Green Arrow Shirts!


  1. Hey Oliver, thanks for the Popfunk plug, but I wanted to mention that those Green Arrow t-shirts are actually designs by Popfunk, not Junkfood. Popfunk is a licensed distributor of DC Comics t-shirts and we create all of our own designs. Since there are such dedicated Green Arrow fans out there, we'll have to come up with a few more designs!

  2. My mistake! Pop Funk is responsible for these great designs, and hopefully there will be more soon.


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