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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year....woo-hoo

2010 looms in the headlights. For my family it promises to be far busier, more challenging, and filled with questions. My work scheduled has nearly doubled at my job (but I do have a job). There are medical concerns my family will be facing in 2010 and beyond. The country faces another year under progressive-leftist control that threatens to bankrupt the republic, and cost us all individually with unwanted healthcare DE-FORM. My oldest son may very well be moving out on his own. My daughter will begin driving. My youngest will be accepting more responsibilities at home as his siblings shift forward.

We are trimming the fat at home. Fewer possessions. Fewer debts. And hopefully fewer pounds. I am currently at the most unhealthy physical condition I've ever been in my life.

I'm tired.

I have no resolutions per say, but more a list of Anti-resolutions. I won't divulge those here, this whole post is off topic, but there are times (more often than not) that I would love a fire to wipe out all my possessions; even when my actions would seem to signify the antithesis.

I'm not ready for certain aspects of my life to be over. I'm 35, it's not time to settle in to submission to age, gravity, entropy or apathy.

I've been thinking about this blog lately. For me Green Arrow has been a reflection of American strength, the lone voice targeting wrongs and championing liberty. But it occurs to me Green Arrow is dead. The character died in an explosion but was brought back by a goofy turn of events by a writer whose work has been uninspired for years. Maybe he should just stay dead and be remembered for what he was. It dovetails with the character in a sense, looking back with anger at what should have been. Oliver Queen, at his best, raged at the dying of the "right;" what better circumstance to direct this than his own demise? Maybe I'll close this blog and move on to another themed use of internet space no one reads.

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  1. Or maybe you can continue the good fight even when it seems foolhearty to do so? This blog is about ideals. Hope. In the face of harsh realities hope is all we have, hope in the true hero, Christ.

    Comic books, heroes, wonderful stories of good overcoming the darkness in the face of certain death is inspiring. Heroes are a gift that serve to remind us all that we are both ordinary and extraordinary. Every hero can lay down his sword, or in Ollie's case his bow and simply get by, returning to their alter ego.

    But a hero fights, Ollie decides to get in the game, to fight the good fight, win lose or draw, you can never win if you aren't playing. I would rather be on the side of hope than of apathy. I would rather die knowing I cared, than live not caring.

    You are a reluctant hero you know my love. You are Tony Stark battling demons, Ollie battling frustration, Pete Parker wavering between wanting the amazing but simultaneously resenting the work and sacrifice. You are always my hero. You suit up each morning and fight the bad guys. You may be more the keeper of the gadgets than Batman but where would Bruce be without his equipment?

    This new year will no doubt stretch us and challenge us but we are a dynamic duo, you are not a lone hero. We are in this together.

    Let 2010 come, let it do it's worst, we will do ours and see who is standing on this very date 365 days from today.

    Rainy days, mondays and new years always get you down.

    love you :)


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