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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


"Incorruptible is the story of Max Damage, a super villain, who had an epiphany, changed his name to Max Daring, turned his back on his cynical selfish ways, and became Incorruptible."

Mark Waid is penning this companion piece to his surprise hit Irredeemable. I met Waid once in Texas and he seemed a likeable guy. He signed two copies of a Fantastic Four comic I had, one to me and one to Ebay (His idea!). Waid is a great writer so I'm looking forward to this title later in the month. I also like that BOOM Studio Comics is publishing Incorruptible. I read other BOOM titles, Kill Audio and 28 Days Later; both are far different from the comic book norm and I appreciate the departure from the mega event crossovers of the Big 2. (Remember when we used to include Image?!?!)

The idea behind Max Daring's powers is one of the best I've read in years and one I wish I thought of! The longer he stays awake the more invulnerable he becomes, and the less he can feel and even taste. But Max needs sleep like anyone else, and when he wakes up he's vulnerable the first hour or two.

That's just cool!

Because Daring has no concept of "good" he turns evil up on its head and just does the exact opposite of his normal thoughts and actions. For Daring there is black or white, good or evil, no shades of gray and no in between. I'm interested to see if his absolutes go as far as Steve Ditko's Mr. A, his Randian-Objectivist, hero from the 60's.

The thought of being incorruptible is intriguing. How long can any of us go without lying, cheating, misleading, or law bending in some fashion? Not to say act in total perfection; but to be 100% above board, arrow straight, and sparkling clear in words and actions. Maybe there are good comic stories left to tell.

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