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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Green Arrow Stuff I Missed...Superfriends Lunchbox Ornament

You can't win them all and often you'll find some item passed you by without your even knowing. Back in 2000 Hallmark introduced their Superfriends Lunchbox Ornament, complete with thermos packed inside that could be individually displayed alongside. While most images you'll see of this item show the one side with the Big 3 (Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman), on the other side you find none other than our favorite Emerald Archer! Even though he doesn't take center stage it's still really cool to find a Green Arrow Christmas item.

Of course I didn't know about this at the time so I don't own one personally. But I do have many great Hallmark hero ornaments my wife and children have given me over the years; Superman, Spider-man, The Lone Ranger, and most recently a SUPER COOL Space Ghost!

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