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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fashions by Oliver

I think it's safe to say we're living during a Green Arrow merchandise golden age. Not only are there shirts online of various Green Arrow designs, as can be found at My Party Shirts, but local retailers are also on the Oliver Queen bandwagon. Last night I braved the cold with my lovely wife and two of our children to do some clothes shopping, needed some warmer duds. I was quite surprised to find not one, or two, but three different shirts with Green Arrow.
The first was at Kohl's and officially it was a Justice League of America shirt but there was Ollie, although somewhat in the background and not as prominent as Supes, Batman, and Green Lantern; but he was there. This is from the great DC Originals line and was a quality shirt.
The second and third shirts were at the much maligned Wal-Mart. One had Oliver as one of several DC characters in a Brady Bunch design that was neat, but a tad "loud." Although I didn't nab a picture Green Arrow's former sidekick Speedy, now known as Red Arrow, was also one of the characters; quite rare indeed.Finally, the above shirt was hanging in the back and features a full body Green Arrow up front and boldly colored. Except of course the image was flipped for printing and Oliver is drawing from the wrong hand and his buckle is backwards. I checked the other shirts and they were the same. Even the Flash, he was next to Green Arrow, had a backwards lightning bolt on his chest. Why bother flipping them?? Also, he's firing a compound bow, kind of a no-no for Green Arrow. I do like the mask design and that he's holding the bow in a "somewhat" correct position (for a four arrow trick shot that is).

Anyway, regardless of flaws it's cool to see the love for our Emerald Archer!

Happy Hunting!

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