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Friday, December 18, 2009

DCUC Green Arrow...Before and After

I found a pretty good deal on Ebay for Mattel's new DC Universe Classics Green Arrow action figure. The figure itself is perfect in sculpt and articulation. I'm not sure how anyone could realistically ask for more. While the pictures I'm posting don't do the figure justice (they are from my phone's camera) they at least give some idea of the great job the Four Horsemen did on the design. Best of all, unlike previous Green Arrow figures, you can pose this guy in a near perfect firing stance.

If it weren't for the bow!

For whatever reason Mattel sent out a bow with a stiff, plastic string that has the arrow attached; to both the string and arrow rest. On top of that, the arrow is too short as are the other trick arrows that come with the figure. The first thing I did was snip the arrow off the bow, then I snipped of the arrow head and fletching to attach them to a paper clip I straightened and painted green. But I still didn't like the plastic string.

So in desperation I cut that of as well and used an thin rubber band (used as a battery seal for an infusion pump) and tied it to the bow. I then cut the straight part of the plastic string and made a new arrow that went better with the figure. I'm very happy with the results and now have the Emerald Archer taking aim at my work desk!

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