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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DC Universe Infinite Crisis Green Arrow

This figure has been out for some time and I'll admit the first time I saw it I was very close to buying one. But the allure wears off quickly with this little guy. It sports DC Direct quality articulation, not a good thing especially when you compare to Marvel's line of 3/4" scale figures and how poseable they are. I don't mind the hood so much but the arm guards/gloves are a problem, mainly for the exposed fingers. Borrowing from Marvel's Hawkeye character this look might be more flashy but makes no sense when drawing a bow, gotta protect those firing fingers!

Speaking of fashion the green on the uniform is too....well, uniform! There needs to be more shades of green as we find in his Neal Adams suit. And with such a small figure I don't mind too much that it can't hold the bow in firing position, but even if it could would Green Arrow ever knock a compound bow? Not hardly. Oliver prefers the recurve and so should his plastic dollies.

But it is nice to see Green Arrow in the toy isles.

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