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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

DC Direct's Latest shot at Green Arrow

DC Direct recently released their latest entry into the HEROES OF THE DC UNIVERSE line of busts, Green Arrow. Other than the bow itself, which looks like the bow from that archer guy in the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, it's a very good piece. I especially like the base which depicts some examples of his many trick arrows. I also like that his beard doesn't quite touch his mustache in a true Van Dyke style, as opposed to the modern style goatee Oliver is usually drawn with as of late.

Notice the near accurate placement of the firing arm just after release, it's almost where it should be. The thumb is tucked and placed across the cheek when firing, so after release the hand would be closer to the face. And from the look of Oliver's face, mouth agape, this must be an important shot! DC Direct lists this baby for $70 but plenty of online sites have it for more than $20 less that amount.

Happy Hunting!

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