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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another reminder of Classical Liberalism

"Classical liberalism was the political philosophy of the Founding Fathers."

"Classical liberalism is the belief in liberty."

"It permeates the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and many other documents produced by the people who created the American system of government. "

"Even today, one of the clearest statements of this philosophy is found in Jefferson's Declaration of Independence. At that time, as is the case today, most people believed that rights came from government. People thought they only had such rights as government elected to give them. But following the British philosopher John Locke, Jefferson argued that it's the other way around. People have rights apart from government, as part of their nature. Further, people can form governments and dissolve them. The only legitimate purpose of government is to protect these rights."

John C. Goodman - "What is Classical Liberalism?"

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