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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Batman Brave and the Bold may be the best cartoon...ever!

I love Batman: Brave and the Bold. It's everything about the Batman character I like; less moody bastich and more adventurous hero. It's classic Silver Age fare with some of my favorite DC characters; Green Arrow (yay!), Aquaman, Plastic Man, and the Atom. As with anything there are a few tweaks I'd make to suit me but overall I can't recall one cartoon I've looked forward to more than B and B.

It's also done the impossible, breathed new life into Aquaman! This is, without exception, the best interpretation of Aquaman ever. Here is a larger than life, gregarious, he-man with an appetite for life; think Brian Blessed's Vultan from "Flash Gordon," or even Marvel's Thor. What's so inspired is Aquaman's ever present smile from the Super Friends (Aquaman's main claim to fame) can stay on his face but not make him goofy looking.

Image from Bat Blog

This is a great Aquaman, the comic books should be this well thought out!


  1. Aquaman looks like he's smiling cause' he just floated a Baby Ruth in the pool!!!!

  2. Hey!

    Nice to see you bringing my man Green Lantern into the mix on your blog.

    He was (and still is) one of my favorite heroes.

    Well Done!


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