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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Best Superman Story Ever

All-Star Superman.

It is so good it almost made best comic book of all time. It was a 12 issue run that took years to complete, DC allowed Frank Quietly the time to illustrate in his detailed fashion. As many great comic stories are, this is an out-of-continuity tale that has all the flavor of the Silver Age with just enough darkness of the Modern Age to make it palpable and compelling.

Thanks to a turn of events orchestrated by Lex Luthor (who else?) Superman discovers he is dying. What follows over the next 12 issues are his attempts at tying up all the loose ends of his life, while dealing with the outrageous everyday life of comics' greatest superhero. Grant Morrison, who will soon take his turn at the Dynamic Duo, delivers a Superman before he was dumbed down to allow room for a Batman.

This Kal-El is a real SUPER-man, in strength, intelligence, ingenuity, and moral fiber. It took 70 years for DC to publish the first real look at this character as he should be, the best in all of us. Superman confronts his relationship with Lois Lane, wherein we see the Man of Steel as human, alien, and at times near frightening. Morrison also provides a fascinating new spin on Doomsday and the hands down best Bizarro ever written.

Morrison's ideas are so off-the-wall, so imaginative, so "Silver Age," that I often found myself laughing out loud at the boldness of the story. It's a crime more couldn't have been made from this brilliant series, but the best runs are the shortest, most concise, most focused stories. It's why I've given up on the monthly books, with their soap opera-like redundancy.

After finally getting my last issue, I had a subscription, I felt a sense of relief and release. I never have to read another Superman story again. I've already read the best. In my opinion, All-Star Superman is the unsurpassable benchmark.

The best Superman story....ever.

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