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Monday, January 12, 2009

Fixing Green Arrow....thanks a lot DC Direct!

I took my time, I heeded all the warnings, but the belt still snapped. Actually the belt buckle snapped, just as the belt attaches to the back of the buckle. I made the mistake of trying to glue the thing back together, with Gorilla Glue, there was no fixing that thing, with any kind of glue; we tried.

A more severe course of action was required, the material was just ¼” too short; so she totally removed the harness from the quiver. All that was salvaged was the snap attaching the belt to the chest strap and the aforementioned buckle. We went shopping for replacement material and came up with a green “pleather” that turned out to be far stiffer than what came with the figure. The quiver now rests on the figure’s back but hangs a bit, and the belt pulls at the snap to the chest strap. My wife says she’s not finished with it, the key will be finding a thinner green material and salvaging that buckle yet again.

On the plus side the bendy hands problem was solved, all that was required was trimming away the excess arm guard material from around the peg. Now the figure holds the bow in a very realistic fashion. To be honest I could barely ask for the posing options to be better.

Just need to re-address the harness.

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