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Friday, December 12, 2008

This problem will be with you, always

So, you have a Ben Kenobi, one that will never be outdone, why would you want a figure of young Ob-Wan from the second worst film of the new trilogy; an inferior set of films altogether, thus keeping this figure from being a classic? Ahh, he looks cool and has a beard! I also like having a young Ben to go with old Ben, so he fits into an established pattern in my collection. He’s by far the cheapest of the bunch, coming in at $73, and the final product is a handsome figure.

I once read a Frank Peretti book that described angels in a way very similar to jedi’s. He and Old Ben have that Catholic/Christian/Priest/Monk thing working for them. And as I get older I believe I will turn more and more to faith and faith inspired heroes. As Bill Cosby said, I’ll be an old person trying to get into heaven.

Say what you want, being a jedi is synonymous with being a Christian, even with that ridiculous “medichlorine” explanation thrown into the new films. From what I’ve read, these little microbes (jedi’s must be filthy with germs) interpret the “will” of the force and allow their host body to be a stronger conduit for that will, depending on their concentration. The amount of medichlorines cannot be decided upon by the individual, much as the gift of faith cannot be decided upon by a real person; it is granted by God through the Holy Spirit. And if there is a “will,” whose will is it? It must be someone’s. As Lucas tried to pull away from the faith correlation he moved even closer, so there!

Given that he is the least expensive I put him as a higher eBay risk, but again, this was to be fair. I am not turning to “the dark side” of Star Wars collecting (which, according to ROTS is as easy as flipping a light switch). I will not add Stormtroopers, droids, and that mutant frog beast from The Phantom Menace to my collection.

Episode II Obi-Wan earned a 16 on my scale.

As it stands Bank Robber Joker and Vader are near tied, followed by AOTC Obi-Wan and Two-Face. I tried to be impartial, practical, and honest and was a little surprised by the results. Now I need to decide what to do and what I’m able to do. Thus is the state of my collecting woes, ever trying to fight the “completist” nature of collecting and focusing on meaningful, definitive figures.

It’s an addiction I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

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