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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am so done!

I've had it.

That's it.

This b.s. notion that we don't fall into the same consumer trap as everyone else, all those secular types Christians like to look at down their noses, it' ridiculous. All we do is buy, buy, buy, buy...spend, spend, spend, spend. It's all bout moving money around to fill our minds, homes, and spaces with stuff. I can't even express how fed up I am.

Mostly because I have been the worst.

My whole life has been in pursuit of the next thing that will make me happy, maybe distract myself from the worry-of-the-week. It's nothing more than a weight around my neck and a pressure on my chest. I can already see into February when the Christmas high has subsided and the money is gone and the stuff is collecting dust and I'm sick about it.

I get this way when I get angry.

I don't get angry enough.

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