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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Green Arrow Deluxe Royal....with cheese

My lovely wife gave me the DC Direct Deluxe 13" Green Arrow for Christmas. She got it for a great deal, well below SRP, and MIB too! (So much collector jargon!) The head sculpt is fantastic and really could not be improved upon. The hair was sculpted so that the hat could fit on nicely, which it does. The outfit has just the right shades of green and the arrow accessories are cool and plentiful!

That's the good.

The bad is that, even with all my efforts to follow the advice of those who came before me, I broke the belt trying to attach it and the quiver to the character. Then I got s glue stain on the tunic trying to glue the stupid thing back together. My wife said she could easily sew together a new green strap to replace the entire harness ad that I should have asked her first before I started my feeble attempts at fixing this thing.

She was always.

I'll post my own pics later, the above image comes from Michael Crawford's toy review site. I'm still happy to have one and even happier I screwed DC Direct for a little bit of cash on this. Green Arrow would have been perfect had it not been for bendy hands and a quarter inch more belt fabric.



  1. My friend, I am right now wanting to neuter the guys that made this f******* belt strap. Mine fell apart just by trying to assemble it gently. Can you show me how you re-did it?

  2. My wife completely cut away the old straps and made a new one with the belt buckle and snap. The trick will be finding the right material.

  3. Jose,
    The Mrs, here...
    I am working on finding just the right material. When I do I will be remaking the harness again. I will be making "repair kits" and selling them on ebay for probably under $5 with shipping so that this can be resolved for GA fans. Other than this he looks awesome. The replacement harness and belt are tedious but easy really, the real problem is the buckle. I think I have a way to attach it differently. Keep checking in here at the GA guide for updates.



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