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Friday, December 12, 2008

Collecting is a harsh mistress

I am deciding now what purchase I will commit to in the upcoming year. It will be one, maybe two, higher dollar purchases; and that’s it.

For the year.

I mean it.
It’s a tossup right now and the variables include everything from price to “what does this say about me.” I’m developing a table of criteria to apply to this decision so I can weigh the pros and cons. What I’ve devised includes; price, will the piece age well with me, integration into current collection, what does the piece say about me, and the probability of being sold later.

I will make each category a 1-5 scale; for example, price will range from a one (low price, around $40-60), to five (high price, $150-200). Age factor; one (a timeless collectable, a classic), and five (it will seem silly in a few short years for a man my age to have this figure; i.e. my M.C. hammer doll). Collection integration; one (this will complete another character or series of characters in theme and scale size), and five (it has no place and sticks out like a sore thumb, the wrong scale). How the piece reflects my personality; one (this character is me!) and five (I just bought a Whoopi Goldberg action figure?!). Probability of being future eBay fodder; one (I’d sooner sell a lung), and five (don’t open the box so I can list it MIB!).

Obviously the lower score wins. I’ll try to be honest and not let current interests or biases sway my factoring.

My sweet Aunt Bessie this is all a tragic, tragic waste of time….

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