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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moral Issues

Are concerns about the economy an element of a moral question in America? I’d imagine most people think of the divorce rate, access to morally repugnant material, and matters of family decay when they hear the phrase “moral issues.” Wouldn’t the care for the poor, the widows and orphans from Scripture, be a moral concern as well?

The question is “how” we care for the poor, widowed, and orphaned. Those on the left see government as the tool. We, the people, fund the government, so in turn it should fund those who cannot fend for themselves. A simple idea, but how often does government botch matters with inefficiency and corruption? I do not believe more government intervention will aid those in need, giving them “ladders out of poverty.”

Those in business should want to help, but in a free market you must also give them incentives to promote dynamic problem solving.

Human nature is to seek self benefit first.

As Bill Gates noted in a recent Op-Ed piece for Newsweek, tax breaks for those who quantifiably contribute to charities and organizations directly assisting the poor have proven greatly effective. This also “spreads the wealth” of influence among many companies and organizations, decentralizing the power from one group, i.e. Washington. When you vote this November consider which candidates who will give power back to the people with effective, streamlined aid programs and by lessening the burden on those businesses who will actually affect change for the poor.

People are no damn good, but make it worth their while and great things can happen.

As an example, in India cell phones are used to transfer funds for daily transactions like buying groceries. This has lessened the instances of street crime and added to the public safety. The technology was developed by a company who benefited from financial incentives and the recognition of their work on publicly accessible lists of businesses.

Conversely, however, those in Washington must be more than willing; they must be passionate about punishing the wealthy that burden the poor and lay a yoke upon us all.

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