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Friday, October 24, 2008

What's in your wallet?

Michael Savage once said you’re only worth something to corporate America as long as you’re a consumer. Our value rests in our ability to spend cash. A new term has been coined for the type of home being sought after by most Americans; McMansions. Many have car payments of several hundred dollars a month. Millions live in homes they can’t afford. Americans hemorrhage cash on cell phone plans, TV/Internet bundles, and iPods. Dog food is sold in individually packaged meals that look more appetizing than the fistfuls of rice you see dispensed in commercials for Third World child sponsorship.

My wife and I have already slipped into our annual three month anxiety binge over “affording” Christmas. If you believe voter polls being reported in the media, businesses will be more heavily taxed by the new president. In response, job opportunities could disappear more rapidly (as early as this year). I’ve heard rumors that the government bailout of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG could affect my ability to obtain materials I need to do my job.

Right now I’m selling things on eBay that I once “had” to own to afford a toy that costs almost $200. It’s a piece of plastic made to look like Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight.

Succeeding generations should, in theory, be better off than those before. My father and I rarely speak. He provided for a wife and three children. I pray I can do as well as he did.

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