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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Protesting Idiots

I went to a McCain/Palin rally with my wife. Sarah Palin showed up with her family, well most of her family anyway. The crowd was deafening. During her speech two overweight women brandished a banner up in the nosebleed seats and started to yell something. The banner was black and pink, I couldn’t read it, nor could I understand what they were saying.

They didn’t have much time to protest.

Almost immediately a man nearby handed off his baby to his wife, raced to their side, swiped away the banner, and began yelling back at the women. The crowd cheered louder. The women, not knowing what to do, just walked off.

They didn’t get far.

They were escorted out by security. Palin said her son was in Iraq fighting for the women’s right to protest. The crowd cheered louder. The man and his family were also escorted from their seats; I assume they got some free stuff and a chance to meet Palin and her family.

What got to me about the whole ordeal was Palin’s youngest daughter. When the large women first started their protest Palin’s family all turned around to see where the noise was coming from. Palin’s daughter immediately when to her father’s side, who brought her close. My wife said she was probably coached to go to her daddy if there was ever trouble at a public appearance. The only thing those women accomplished was scaring a little girl.

That angers me.

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