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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comic more?

I still can't bring myself to buy comic books, not on a regular basis. What I have purchased as of late are more independent titles, Moonstone's The Phantom and Slave Labor Graphics' Haunted Mansion; neither of which come out all that regularly. I'm considering using this wasted space to review those books at a later time, especially Haunted Mansion which may be teetering on the verge of cancellation. But as for Marvel and DC, it's no go. There is nothing out there to buy, that I have seen, worth the time or worth the dime.

There is no Green Arrow action whatsoever. I'm still nursing the hurt from the DC Direct Green Arrow figure, a total waste of time but not a waste of money (at least for me cause I'm not buying one). And of course the current writer for the only Green Arrow book writes an amateurish rag that seems to put forth the notion that a cliche openly acknowledged is no longer a cliche; untrue.

My time in spandex may be up...

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