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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DC Direct Green Arrow...with a $70 pricetag

I did not buy the DC Direct Green Arrow.

It cost $70.

The wrist pegs were not fixed for this figure and are still loose, so making it hold a bow is challenging.

There have been reports of loose ankle joints, ill fitting masks, broken belts, broken bow tips, and the quiver makes the accompanying stand almost useless.

All for $70. But unless there's a Green Arrow film in the future, this will be all we'll get. I've sworn off DC Direct forever this time. I might even sell Captain Marvel. All I know is the Aquaman my wife got me is a keeper, because it was from her. I just can't support a comic related merchandise when I'm barely even reading comics as it is. Recently Wizard magazine spotlighted a writer who made his bones writing for Ren and Stimpy and some other "talking animal" books (as Wizard referred to them). As if writing for a talking duck is somehow beneath writing about men in leather pants and matching masks.

Ask anyone who has read Don Rosa which is the better read.

Either way there are better ways to spend my cash than on substandard DC Direct product.

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