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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Jesus was a bouncer too!

I have become very angry. It started with homosexuals in garish make-up walking into a Catholic church on a Sunday to receive the Eucharist; a monumental sin in my faith. Now it is a group of war protesters invading a Catholic church while a bishop speaks and spraying fake blood over those assembled in the pews. I am not angry at the intruders, clearly their actions are dictated by malformed thought processes and deficient parental influences. My anger is at those in the churches, the "men," did not react sooner and more decisively.
When confronted by gamblers and loan sharks inside his synagogue Jesus viscously threw them out, going as far as beating them back with a whip. Many mistakenly believe that as Christians we are milksops; this is a lie. As Christians we are powerful and we must be united. As soon as these people are identified in the isles the men in the congregation must forcibly eject them. I don't mean stand there between them and the Tabernacle, I mean grab them by the neck and throw them to the curb. There are few greater insults against our God and our faith than entering our places of worship to defame. It is time that we as Catholics stand up and make a line, a wall; one that strikes back.

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