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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Working women?

Some local businesses in my area are sponsoring a “Working Women’s” show at a convention center. The terminology here really agitates me; it assumes those women who work outside of home are the “working women.” Conversely, those who stay at home must not be working women; if you’re not one then you must be the other.

I work outside the home; I know how the workday and week can go. My wife cannot stare at a computer monitor for an hour and “space out,” there are three children who depend on her to homeschool them through another day and ensure they actually learn something even though they may not want to. My wife cannot take 1-2 hour lunches with a group of like-minded adults, she has to prepare lunch for others and listen to stories about pop songs, superheroes, and requests for higher allowances.

My wife doesn’t get performance reports, awards, raises, or any other recognition for her work; she has to seek her own reward through the adults our children grow to be. My wife can’t arrange her work to hide from the boss, the “bosses” follow her wherever she goes and are constantly hitting her with a barrage of questions and requests. My wife doesn’t get to get dressed up most days in a fancy suit of clothes, she dresses like a marathon runner, ready for another tests of her endurance and sanity.

I wonder if the convention center will be overrun with stay-at-home moms wanting to know where the REAL working women’s’ convention is located?

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