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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Love Boat

As is often the circumstance, my wife couldn’t wait until the holiday to give me her gift; in this case it was Valentine’s Day. Considering how closely we track our money lately this was a bit of a surprise, I hadn’t noticed any mysterious amounts of missing funds. The size of the wrapped package also perplexed me, my wife had asked about this holiday and the suggestions I gave her didn’t fit what I saw before me adorned in red.

Opening gifts first has always served as a barometer for my gift to her, especially in times like this when I’ve yet to buy her gift. It shows me the benchmark I must try to meet, and actually surpass. I might be in trouble here.

My wife bought me the DC Direct Deluxe Aquaman. Now, if anyone in the world has read this other than my wife they might think this appropriate as I have “hidden” links to various websites that sell this figure throughout my posts discussing Aquaman. As it turns out my wife had read these posts but never noticed the links, she just knew I’d like this figure. In fact, she had it set aside at my LCS some time ago; that’s ho much she knows and loves me.

The figure is better than I thought it would be. At 13” it is larger than 1:6 scale and would clearly tower over my other 1:6 figures. The clothing material used is far more impressive in person as the light practically explodes off the shirt and legs. The fabric used really captures the “armor plating/goldfish shimmer” Alex Ross has suggested in his depictions of the character. One of the first things I did after opening the box was to place it on the mantle in our living room above the fireplace where there is a directional, spot light; from across the room the figure was shimmering.

Other than the extra set of “bendy” hands the main accessory is the trident. Again, this is exactly as Alex Ross has painted and it looks fantastic. It is easy to strike a regal pose using the bendy hands gripping the trident. His articulation is very effective and makes the most of its 28 points. When I utilize the base and stand I can come up with several fight/swimming poses; it looks really good.

I’ll be posting pics of this figure for some time as I discover new looks I can come up with. This is a stand out figure and quite possibly my favorite just for the “wow” factor; I would place it among the best of my Sideshow figures. This will certainly make clearing out my 6” mass market figures far easier. It is so worthwhile waiting for a deluxe figure like Aquaman.

Maybe I should find some Aquaman related gift to return the favor?

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  1. I'm so glad you love my gift...I love mine too!!

    I hadn't noticed Wolverine clowned up. LOL, I really enjoy your blog even if I am the only one reading it.

    Love you :)


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