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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Letting the love arrows fly

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and with it the usual rush of anxiety and self-doubt. Being a few weeks out I find myself having to train my brain so I don't concentrate on "the gift." Not that "the gift" isn't important but I think most men can fall into the trap of thinking it's the main component of the holiday; not so.

This will be our tenth Valentines' Day as man and wife, ten years of life and love together. This is where I have to focus, whatever I end up doing it must be centered on a celebration of a decade of love. All the laughter, tears, fights, and making up needs to be acknowledged this February 14h.

No pressure! How tha hell do you do that? Why can't I just buy her a shiny rock? But I digress, as I sit here and ponder my options and hope you (whoever "you" happen to be) have a great Valentine's Day. I remember the days of loathing the holiday. Those lonely guy years when Valentines' meant nothing more than extra pink in the shopping isles.

I'm blessed to have a love like I do in my life. I suppose the trick is not to concentrate on "dazzling" her but to really express how much I love her and why I feel the way I do. It will take thoughtful contemplation and heartfelt consideration.

I think I have an ulcer...

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  1. She might still like a rock.

    Either way she loves you very much too!


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