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Monday, January 28, 2008

Without Fear

This is more of a stretch. The religious imagery lends itself to drawing parallels, a man who is blind; whose every step is a “leap of faith.” He is clad in the crimson disguise of a devil, and yet he finds refuge in the Church; he is openly Catholic. His father was a fighter and his mother would later become a nun. He is often depicted as clinging to crosses and statues of angels. Mainly this is due to the visual dichotomy of a “demon” seeking comfort from a heavenly symbol.

Like the “devils” of the afterlife we are all fallen. Clad in our sinful natures we seek the succor of heavenly intervention and ultimately salvation; but unlike those cursed beings we have hope. If we look around us through the eyes of the world we could miss this divine involvement, as surely as if we were blind. If, however, we are “blind” to the lies of this world and look only through eyes of faith, we can truly see; even though to the world we now seem blind.

He is called “The Man without Fear.” As I’ve written previously, we are all called to live lives without fear; “Be not afraid” the scriptures cry out to us. Imagine being fully aware of our sinful nature, seeing through eyes of faith and blind to the lies around us, loving and living without fear. I believe that is in the subtext of this character, it is what draws me (along with being Irish Catholic); and this is how we are supposed to live.

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