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Friday, January 11, 2008


Last night's republican debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was the launching point for Fred Thompson. At last he stood out from the pack by articulating his message of strong defense, immigration reform, a pro-life voting record, and cutting government spending. Often after these debates the question of who seemed more “presidential” is asked, and if you want to play that game Thompson was the clear winner again. As observed by other viewers, there were two tiers of candidates last night; Fred Thompson and everyone else.

Thompson did an exceptional job of identifying Mike Huckabee’s high tax and big government background (panelist Chris Wallace also helped). And as I’ve said in the past, Thompson will actually answer a question when asked and not launch into a litany of talking points; Romney and Huckabee are the worst in that regard. South Carolina is a very important state for Senator Thompson and he needed to do well in the debate, he succeeded.

In the contetxt of this blog I will again site the fact that I am concerned with true liberty in this country and the ability to better ourselves and our community by getting the job done ourselves. What government should do on the federal level is ensure the American citizen is not impeded in achieving these goals by bureaucratic intrusion and a heavy tax burden. The poor in this country need to be able to work their way toward a brighter future through workfare programs and enriching their lives with a sound work ethic. As St. Paul said, "If a man does not work, let him not eat." Ron Paul made at least one good point last night, if you subsidise something you will get more of it.

Securing our borders, strengthening our defense, and relieving some of the tax burden by cutting failed government programs endorsed by the rich "fat cats" of Washington is a clear path towards liberty, and that is what a hero should fight for.

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  1. Fred is the Winner!!!

    Mitt is a little too smooth, and I don't mean his hair.

    Huckabee is only marginally Conservative. I think he uses a couple buzz words (like gay marriage) to get the evangelicals fired up.

    Ron Paul really should consider going back on his meds.

    Guiliani, I like him alright but he is NOT a true conservative he is about as close to a conservative as NYC can offer though I guess.

    For conservatives the choice is clear...Fred Thompson.


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