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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thompson and O' Reilly

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson was on Bill O' Reilly's FOX News show last night. It wasn't a long segment but Thompson never fails to impress me. Unlike practically every other presidential candidate when Thompson is asked a question, he answers the question. If you watched the Republican forum on FOX a few days ago you saw the majority of the questions responded with a series of preplanned talking points. Not that this is the exclusive bailiwick of the republicans, I don't believe Clinton has even responded to a question with anything other than a scripted reply. I have honestly never seen too much of Obama to comment on his version of the duck and weave.

The most refreshing point of the interview came at the end when O' Reilly asked if Thompson had to go to Vegas and bet his house, who would he wager on winning the democrat nomination. Thompson paused, looked away for a moment and gave an honest, one word response; Clinton. No talking points and no segway back into his campaign. There is still plenty of time yet, 11 months, and Fred is setting up a wall of support in South Carolina, stay tuned.

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