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Friday, January 4, 2008

Ten Percent

I've decided to actually tithe 10% of my income this year. It is far more than I have been giving back previously. It's not my money, I know. I am essentially holding God's money for ransom. We've decided to split it 5% to the church and 5% to various charities. I have researched through the Better Business Bureau and have decided upon Catholic Charities USA. They have a great ratio of funds actually used for help vs. used for admin costs.

We're also sponsoring a child through World Vision but have since learned the Catholic Church has withdrawn support from them due to their advancing the use of birth control and sterilizing measures, a decidedly pro-choice action. We will continue to sponsor our child (it's not her fault) but once that sponsorship has completed we will sever ties with them as well.

Please take some time to do the math on your income and decide if you're giving God's money back to His people. That's what Robin Hood did, you know? Gave the poor's money back to them.

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