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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sizing up what's left...

Now that Fred Thompson is out of the race I find myself looking over the remainder of the political candidates. It's a very deflating experience having to read through everyone else's stand on the issues after you had already made your first choice. To be fair and balanced I suppose I should review the democrat contenders as well but honestly, I'll never vote for a Clinton again, I made that mistake once. And while Obama may be a captivating speaker I cannot endorse big government supporters, also I believe him to be naive in regards to the role of terrorism in the modern world.

Over at On the Issues there is a handy quiz which compares your answers with those of the 2008 candidates; my results weren't that surprising. I am in most agreement with Thompson, but just after him is John McCain. Many people are at McCain on issues such as "amnesty" for illegals and campaign finance reform. To be honest the former is a red herring and the latter isn't a big issue for me.

I'm not interested in a discussion on the 10 million illegals in this country until we shore up the borders. I don't care if it's a technological wall or the brick and mortar variety; seal it up, then we talk about who is already here. When you say border and "they" say amnesty, it's all smoke and mirrors; close the borders first! It's similar to the tax cut vs. government spending debate, one has to come first.

And as for who gets to give how much to whom, I'm sure that's a big free speech issue but it's one not on my immediate radar, sorry. We all have a country to defend and people to clothe and feed. Many people like Romney but his values seem too new to be counted on, and there is something disagreeable about a man who can write a check all the way to the conventions. I don't know if that's a class warfare stance but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Call me a bandwagaon jumper but for now my vote is with John McCain. And if it all goes south I can say I was misunderstood, I meant to say John McClain!

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