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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year for Israeli and Palestinian Peace?

President Bush made his first trip to the West Bank and after meeting with the Palestinian president set a 12 month timetable for peace between his people and the Israelis. The Palestinian people are mistrusting of America's role in the peace process as they see us as staunch Israeli supporters, and they're correct. America's deep Judeo-Christian heritage places Israel in a protected category, President Bush remarked, "For those of us who practice the Christian faith, there is no holier place." But the ongoing conflict, spurred on by both the Palestinian group Hamas and the Israeli military, must be resolved.

Due to inclimate weather President Bush had to drive through many Israeli checkpoints and saw first hand the conditions of the Palestinian people since Israel has occupied the West Bank and created the separation barrier. It was long overdue for President Bush to visit the area and our pledge to peace must be effectively communicated to Israel and Palestine. Leaders of Hamas were unimpressed with the visit and still have legitimate concerns over the checkpoints and the growing force of the Israeli military. As President Bush left the area there were many signs written in English proclaiming, "Occupation is terrorism" and "stop giving aid to occupation and death to our children."

source: The Associated Press

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