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Monday, January 7, 2008

Fred Thompson and the other candidates

With Iowa behind us and New Hampshire to follow the caucuses are becoming more and more interesting to me. I wish Fred Thompson was getting more traction than he is currently. My wife and I thought he would come in and dominate, but as the weeks passed it became clear he was fighting an uphill battle.
While some might find it odd that a blog with Green Arrow, staunch liberal hero, as it's focus supporting a republican candidate I would say there is a clear line between "liberal" in the classical sense and left-wing political thought that seeks an American people more subservient to the government through heavier taxation and entitlements. And I believe the character of Green Arrow is an independent voice against corruption, cruelty, and loss of liberty.

I believe true freedom comes from less taxation, and thus less government spending, streamlined government programs that offer "ladders out of poverty," as Giuliani calls them. People have to be able to work, earning a livable wage, and thus foster a work ethic. Hand outs are not the answer and few problems are solved by throwing money at them.

As for the war, I believe all Americans are weary of the cost. We're paying for this battle with money and blood, but we began paying for it long before Iraq. Some on the left argue there is no military solution to this war, and that withdrawal followed by diplomacy is the answer; I wish that were true. My fear is that as the troops leave the radical Islamic fascists will be attached to the under belly of our ships and aircraft, having waited for America to let up so they can regroup.

This is a war against an ideology and a religion taken hostage. These people, these terrorists, want us dead not because of what we do but because of who we are. The fact is we haven't been attacked on our homeland since that day in 2001. I pray the next administration has the same record.

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