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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A few words about SNIKT!

There are three known reasons to be a Wolverine fan;

1) He’s not another “male model” hero;

2) He’s Canadian;

3) The name

Most superheroes are drawn to look like one of the beautiful people. Strange how few who actually read comic books are one of the beautiful people; a crass generalization I know but I’m sticking with it. Even the Dark Knight, arguably the most popular superhero, is depicted (sans the mask) as a Bo hunk. Handsome faces are as plentiful in comic books as forearms the size of Guatemalan children.

Not Wolverine. I know what you’re thinking; Hugh Jackman, well before that pretty boy took the role Wolverine was drawn squat and grizzled. Sure, every now and then as artist would show Logan as handsome but I believe those occurrences to be in the minority. And even when Wolverine was given the X-Men “movie” look in the comics he was still reasonably unsightly. Most of us can relate to not being the handsome one; and here is a comic book star with honor, strength, and humor who shares in our lack of appeal.

Being Canadian can be a pro or a con. The down side is that as a Canadian you’re more socialist in your thinking. You brag about a healthcare system that offers 6 month appointment waits for substandard government care (is there any other kind?). Then again you’re probably also a hockey fan. As a Canadian you allow terrorists and terrorist supporters unfettered access to your land that then crawl to America through even more porous borders. But you’re also from the same country as the Kids in the Hall, which is a good thing. So being Canadian kind of cancels itself out.

Finally you have to consider the name; Wolverine, it’s a cross between “Werewolf” and “Marine,” now that’s cool! He’s the werewolf superhero. Werewolves are cool, that’s a given. Superheroes are cool, otherwise why read this blog? (Is there anybody out there?). You cross a werewolf with a superhero and you have squared the coolness factor.

Just try and stick to his solo adventures, that X-Men stuff gets pricey and convoluted.

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