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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Does blood have a memory?

Does blood have a memory? I come from an Irish descent, well, Irish-German really. On days such as these when the skies are overcast, the rain falls, and the air is cold I find a special contentment; my soul is settled somewhat. Driving around today for work I was listening to some songs from my Celtic Circle collection and the music engaged with the surroundings. What are probably very sad songs, hard to tell since they’re sung in Gaelic, gave mettle to my spirit.

I have often thought of going to Ireland with my wife. Of course such luxuries for a working man are fanciful thoughts, but I’ll never concede the dream of going back to one of my ancestral homes. This time of year that urge is more pronounced as I find St. Patrick’s Day, with all its Irish imagery, helps to carry me from Christmastime into spring. And again, the weather certainly conjures up shadows of what I think Ireland to be.

Is this call in my blood? Is there a trace remembrance of where my family came from? To be honest, for all I know my family could ultimately have come from Pittsburgh; I have not invested the time or money in genealogy. But it’s doubtful I come from American Indians so the Irish link must lie in the past somewhere.

Until I find out for sure and one day return, I can always add a little Ireland throughout my house, and my heart.

Not to mention my liver.

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