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Friday, January 25, 2008

Click it to win it

These are two pieces from my Heroclix collection. Heroclix is a kind of roleplaying game that utilizes small figures like these on rotating dials which mark the amount of damage, or “clix,” your character takes. Obviously different characters are capable of different attacks and defenses. Green Arrow and Green Lantern are a couple of favorites.

Not only are both sculpts good, a difficult task to accomplish given their tiny size, but they’re both really useful. The surprise was Green Arrow’s usefulness. It would be easy to dismiss a mere archer in a game populated by beings with near god-like power but Oliver is deceptively effective. Utilizing his long range attack, given on the base, Ollie can hide out in a far corner and hurl arrows all day long and largely stay out of other characters’ sights.

I have taken down many of my son’s more “powerful” characters with Green Arrow and a little patience, it drives him nuts. And with Green Lantern around Ollie has someone to verbally berate.

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